Canning Road, Glascote, Tamworth, Staffs, B77 3JX
Welcome to
The Woodlands Community Primary School
learning, enjoying and growing together!
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Year 6 at Laches Wood!


Learning Enjoying and Growing together


Welcome to The Woodlands! We feel so privileged to be able to work in the presence of such wonderful children. The Woodlands is truly a place where we Learn, Enjoy and Grow Together.


Learning is the prime purpose of school, here at the Woodlands we are all on a learning journey to increase knowledge and improve skills that will prepare us for life in an ever changing world. All the staff provide quality teaching to enable the children to access learning in all areas.


Enjoying school life is key to make it memorable and pleasant. We want all children to be happy and fully enjoy their childhood. Lessons are fun and engaging, staff are caring and considerate and the school provides many extra opportunities for children to enjoy life.


Growing is more than just learning, it is developing social skills and a sense of who we are. The Woodlands has often been referred to as a family where the staff and pupil work together for the betterment of each other.


Together we make a difference.


Welcome to our school.


Mr Baker - Headteacher

"I love this school as all the teachers and children are enthusiastic about their work!"
Year 5 Pupil
"I have had children at The Woodlands since 2001. I am really pleased with the care, attention and education that my children have had, and continue to receive. The school always has the best interests of the pupils in mind."
Year 1 Parent